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The best vegan dog treats - selection 2023

The best vegan dog treats - selection 2023

Do you want to give healthy treats to your loulou but you are not too much of the dried treats? Beef lungs and chicken livers ... Very little for you? You are in the right place !

Counts are often used as rewards to strengthen desired behavior and encourage learning.

Unfortunately, in supermarkets or in pet stores, the quality of the treats is rarely to height, oily, full of carbohydrates and additives. 

If it is possible to prepare them homemade yourself with a little time and will, we sometimes have constraints that are made to cook for our animal.

here is our Selection of vegan treats, healthy and gourmet so that you no longer have to reward it with supermarket treats.



Why give vegan treats to superfoods to your dog?

1. Reward the right behaviors

Educating a dog is far from an easy thing; The treat is a way to reward him by making him understand that he deserved to feast on himself. It is still necessary to give them sparingly and choose them of good quality!

2. Improve your health and well-being

Without additives without artificial dyes and preservatives.

Our vegan treats for dogs are made from natural plant ingredients, making them rich in essential nutrients. They can provide quality vegetable proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals beneficial to the health of your dog.

2. Food allergies

Without cereals, soy or dairy products

Many dogs suffer from allergies or food intolerances. Vegan treats offer an alternative without current allergens such as wheat, soy or dairy products. They are often formulated with hypoallergenic ingredients and can be better tolerated by sensitive dogs.

3. Ethical concerns

No to intensive farming

If you are a vegetarian yourself, it is certain that you would like to control the consumption of meat of your loulou. Without depriving it of meat in his daily diet, no need to add it to the frants that you give him to reward or educate him. By choosing treats without ingredients of animal origin, you help to reduce the demand for products from animal exploitation and to promote respect for animals.

4. Ecology

Insect treats?

Vegan dog treats are often made from sustainable, organic and environmentally friendly ingredients. Insect proteins, for example are a very interesting alternative to the future of animal feed. By avoiding meat products, you reduce the carbon footprint and the consumption of natural resources associated with the farming industry. 


What are the best dog vegan treats?

The best are the ones you prepare home with love. However, it happens that we lacked time, ideas or ingredients to make these treats yourself. Here are 3 natural recipes ready for a healthy dog!

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1. Hemp and banana treats

Gourmandise and Energy guaranteed! 

With a soft potato base enriched with hemp seeds and crushed bananas, these vegan treats are an excellent alternative to conventional treats.

They can be used on a daily basis as a complement to his diet, or as awards in an educational setting - during agility course for example, or simply to please him when he behaved well.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Grainless
  • Without additives
  • Preservative free
  • Craft manufacturing in the Landes

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2. Sprinulina and carrot treats

Spirulina is a marvel of nature. This blue microalgue is very rich in protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Its benefits for dogs are numerous:

  • Improves the beauty of its coat
  • Fight against aging (like osteoarthritis for example)
  • Fight against tartar
  • Facilitates recovery after effort for sports dogs (canicos, hikes, etc.)
  • Strengthens its immune system and natural defenses

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3. Insect protein treats 

Repagnant at first. Brilliant when you think about it. 

In a world where temperatures are increasing faster than expected, insect protein is little to be the protein of the future. Whether it is to feed our farms, our animals or humans, the insect protein has many advantages. 

No meat in these treats! They are protein -rich quality insects. 100 % natural, without antibiotics or artificial preservatives, they are suitable for sensitive dogs thanks to a limited number of allergens (without milk, egg). They contain gourmet and digestible ingredients that will seduce your dog's palate.

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