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Pyodermite chez le Golden Retriever : causes, symptômes et traitements

Pyodermite in the Golden Retriever: causes, symptoms and treatments

Pyodermite in the Golden Retriever: causes, symptoms and treatments

If your dog has redness, associated with intense itching, small pimples, plates, squams or a loss of localized hairs, he may suffer from pyodermite

In this case, do not wait, go quickly to your veterinarian.

Here is everything you need to know to get out of this vicious circle 👇


What is pyodermite in the Golden Retriever?

Pyodermitis is a frequent skin disease in dogs, especially in Golden retriever, which is a breed that can present genetic predispositions.

It is a bacterial infection of the skin due to the presence of bad bacteria, generally a staphylococcus (S. pseudintermedius), which proliferate on the surface of the skin and maintain skin discomforts.


Eddy, 5 -year -old Golden Retriever, suffering from pyodermite caused by fleas


Pyodermitis is a skin disease purulent which is mainly characterized by extreme itching (pruritus), which can make the life of your Golden unbearable. 

Rest assured, if you have other animals at home, Pyodermitis is absolutely not contagious And there are many solutions - more or less effective and more or less natural - which can allow you to relieve your pet. 

If dogs are the most affected, it also happens to see a cat suffer from pyodermitis, most often because of allergies or fungal infections.


What are the symptoms of pyodermitis? 

Symptoms of pyodermitis can be diverse and not all appear at the same time. 


Extreme itching Dandruff
Redness Hair loss
Buttons Loss of appetite
Fatty hair Loss of energy


If there are treatments to relieve (more or less artificially) itching, it remains important to determine the cause, to deal with the problem in depth and prevent itching from coming back. 

It is sometimes a long and laborious process that is nonetheless necessary, for the well -being of your animal in the long term.



Superficial pyodermitis or deep pyodermitis? 

Superficial pyodermitis

As indicated by his name, superficial pyodermitis only reaches the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin. It is characterized by plates, redness, crusts, purulent pimples or not, a dull hair or even a loss of hair.

Deep pyodermitis

There deep pyodermitis, is a much more serious manifestation (fortunately much less frequent) which reaches the deeper layers of the skin: from dermis to the basal blade. 

If certain symptoms can be common, they are generally distinguished as follows: 


Plates, crusts, redness Nodules
Purulent buttons Painful lesions
Dandruff Oozing
Dull hair, loss of hair Hair loss



Determine the causes of pyodermitis

To determine the cause of a pyodermitis is not an easy task, even for an experienced veterinarian. The factors are multiple and varied. 

Other factors can take into account and be the cause of the pyodermit of your Golden Retriever.

  • the stress
  • drug treatment
  • A contact allergy
  • A chip bite
  • A food allergy
  • A boho that is infected
  • bad hygiene
  • Big heat

In fact, everything that is likely to deregulate the skin ecosystem is a potential factor of pyodermite. 

Although this is not a preponderant cause, a bad hygiene May be the cause of skin infections such as pyodermitis. By bad hygiene, we hear a lack of washing, but also Too frequent grooming or with products unsuitable.

For example: washing your dog with a human shampoo is to be avoided due to the difference in pH between dogs of dogs and ours. We explain to you here why.

If certain dog breeds such as the Golden Retriever, the French Bulldog or the German Shepherd are predisposed to develop skin problems, pyodermitis can touch all dogs. 

The particular case of allergic pyodermitis 

Often, pyodermitis takes root in a food allergy. Allergy to beef, chicken, soybeans, but ... your dog may be allergic to one or more components of his diet. To remedy it, two options are available to you:

1. the desensitization : often expensive and without guarantee of result, desensitization consists in voluntarily injecting a small dose of the allergen compound in order to trigger an immune response. 

2. Power change. Thanks to an eviction regime, you will be able, in connection with a nutritionist veterinarian, to remove the problematic ingredients from his diet. This involves the composition of a balanced housewife ration, with the fewer ingredients. Do not underestimate the need for a consultation with a nutritionist veterinarian, because it is essential that the ration is balanced and adapted to your Golden Retriever. 

Find the treatment adapted to my situation

There are many treatments available and rank in three main categories:

1. Veterinary drugs, Delivered only on prescription:, very effective to calm crises, but sometimes expensive and potentially problematic over time (undesirable effects)

  • Cytopoint - Bite - Without Corticosteroids
  • PRENIDERM - Cream - with corticosteroids
  • Apoquel - stamps - without corticosteroids
  • Cortisone

2. Hygiene products : sprays and shampoos, formulated from several ingredients, natural or not.

3. Natural products: unprocessed raw materials

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