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How to treat pyodermitis in dogs - Innovations 2023

How to treat pyodermitis in dogs - Innovations 2023

Very common in dogs, pyodermitis is a bacterial infection of the skin, which can cause very intense itching. Your dog's pyodermite makes life impossible for him? Here is an overview of the best natural solutions to treat pyodermitis in dogs. 

What is pyodermite in dogs?

Let's take the basics. Pyodermitis is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Most often it is a very special staphylococcus responding to the sweet name of STaphylococcus intermedius.

Pyodermitis can touch any part of the dog's body, but it is more often present in the hot and humid areas such as 

  • Skin folds
  • The belly
  • The paws
  • ears


What are the symptoms of pyodermital in dogs?

Symptoms of pyodermitis can vary depending on the severity of the infection but the most common are: 

  1. Redness on the skin.
  2. Intense itching
  3. Oozing or crusty lesions on the skin.
  4. Loss of local hair.
  5. Thickened and black skin.
  6. Sensitivity or pain to touch.
  7. Bad smell.
  8. Lowering or lethargy
  9. Loss of appetite

If you notice these symptoms A veterinary visit is essential Because pyodermitis is a problem not to be taken lightly. 


5 solutions natural To relieve pyodermitis in dogs

What we are going to present to you here are the best natural solutions to relieve the symptoms of pyodermite in dogs.

If you observe worrying signs in your dog, such as redness, intense itching, an abnormal loss of hair or the presence of pimples and crusts, it is strongly recommended to consult a veterinarian.

This professional will be able to identify any possible infection and prescribe a suitable treatment. Depending on the severity of the situation, he may recommend antibiotics, antiseptics based on chlorhexidine of local antibacterial products, as well as cortisone in order to calm the game. 

To prevent your pet from scratching excessively and aggravating the infection, your veterinarian could also advise you to make him wear a collar.

Pending your appointment with the veterinarian, or in addition to the prescribed treatments, you can take measures to relieve your skin and soothe itching.

There are several effective natural solutions, such as:


1. supplements food

Made from plants, they soothe itching thanks to their detoxifying and depurative virtues. Bardane, for example is a plant of choice to calm itchy and eliminate toxins. Discover our drinking supplement based on thyme (antiseptic), bardane (detoxifying) and dandelion (elimination) 


2. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product that can help restore your dog's skin balance and kill bacteria responsible for pyodermite. Mix an equal amount of apple and water apple cider vinegar in a vaporizer, then spray on the affected area twice a day.


3. Sprays purifying

Beware of chemical sprays that dry up the skin and promote the appearance of new problems. Prefer a soft lotion based on plants that relieves itching, rehydrates dry skin, and promotes skin regeneration.

The effiskin lotion, formulated around a patented extract from 16 plants  turned out to be particularly effective on many dogs. We no longer have the moving testimonies that we receive every week.

Tested and approved by us, the Effiskin lotion® turned out to be very effective in relieving skin with pyodermal tendency.

It is a plant -based spray that helps dislodge staphylococcus responsible for the infection. Take advantage of 10% discount on your 1st order with our KYNOS10 code.


4. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an excellent natural moisturizer that can help to soothe itching and reduce inflammation associated with pyodermitis. Gently massage the humCoconut island on the area affected twice a day.


5. Solving shampoos

To choose very soft, formulated without sulfates, parabens or dyes. Dogs with pyodermitis are delicate skin that needs more precautions. The purifying shampoo of the Effiskin range is specially designed for skin with pyodermal trend. It will make it possible to hydrate and aaiser the skin with each use, without attacking the sensitive epidermis.


What is the difference between pyodermitis and atopic dermatitis in dogs?

If the symptoms can be similar, the causes are very different. Explanation 👇

Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease which is generally associated with a allergic reaction. Often genetic, certain breeds have predispositions such as bulldogs, golden retrievers, labradors or even boxers.

Unlike pyodermitis, atopic dermatitis is not caused by a bacterial infection, although the symptoms are similar: Severe itching, redness, rashes, dry and scaly plates and a loss of hair.

However, Atopic dermatitis can lead to pyodermitis. Indeed, because of itching the skin becomes more fragile and more vulnerable to bacteria. Bacterial infection will require special care.

Please note: always take advice from a veterinarian for medical questions such as atopic dermatitis and your dog's pyodermitis.




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