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Notre avis sur Effiskin - Retour d'expérience 2023

Our opinion on Effiskin - Return of experience 2023

Our opinion on Effiskin - Return of experience 2023

Hello everyone,

We come to give you a little feedback on the last product we tested on our chihuahua

Kaya had itching in the sidewall and on the lower back which sometimes ended up with crusts. We applied the treatment randomly (as new scrapers appear) for about 2 weeks.

It was not obvious since it was a gluttonous and which licked the effiskin lotion. So I was putting the lotion especially in the evening and he was sleeping with a Body J.

It has been under treatment with Apoquel since July 21. It has been taking salmon oil since June 20 in addition to hypoallergenic kibbles and suitable shampoo.

Despite all that, he still had episodes of scratch that were difficult to control.

Since we started using the lotion Effiskin, he had no more scratches for about three weeks. Of course, we do not yet know if these results will be durable, but it is a real relief and very promising. I will update this article to tell the evolution of Kaya's state of health over time.

For the moment I am happy to have found an alternative to her medication. The veterinarian told us about life treatment, do you realize? Consultations and treatments were really starting to weigh financially so even if the product is not given, I recommend that everyone test it because in the end, we find ourselves. And my baby's health is priceless. 

Edit 03/30/2023: The itching returned several times, but in a much less intense way. Each time a few sprays are enough to calm the game.

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