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Itching in dogs: alternatives to antibiotics

Itching in dogs: alternatives to antibiotics

"Antibiotics are not automatic !" 

We all know, and yet ... We continue to prescribe excessive antibiotics to our doggies who suffer from itching.

Is it necessary? Are there softer solutions? 

If the use of antibiotics is often essential, you may want to relieve itching of your animal in a more natural way.

Overview of alternative solution 👇


The current causes of itching in dogs and how to treat them naturally.

Itching in dogs are a great classic.

They can be caused by many different factors, including:

  • Food allergies
  • fleas and ticks
  • acarians
  • Skin infections 
  • Autoimmune diseases

To treat itching naturally, it is important to understand the underlying cause. For example, food allergies can be treated by changing the diet of the dog, while skin infections can be treated with natural remedies such as Purifying lotions or some balms.

Why avoid antibiotics to treat itching in dogs?

Antibiotics can be effective in treating certain infections in dogs, but they are not always the best solution for itching. Indeed, excessive use of antibiotics can cause resistance, which can make infections more difficult to treat in the future. It is therefore important to consider natural alternatives to treat itching in dogs.

Phytotherapy to treat itching in dogs: what natural remedies to use?

Phytotherapy means the use of medicinal plants to treat disease and conditions. There are many plants that can help relieve itching in dogs, such as chamomile, calendula and dandelion root. These plants have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing properties for the skin. Calendula vegetable oil For example allows you to repair the skin thanks to its nourishing and softening properties.

There are also food supplements based on plants with detoxifying virtues, which can greatly help relieve itching.

Finally, the 16 plant lotion Effiskin has shown exceptional results in many dogs. The testimonies speak for themselves.


The importance of food to treat itching in dogs: tips and tricks.

Food is an important element to consider when processing itching in dogs. Food allergies is a frequent cause of itching in dogs, so a change in diet can help relieve symptoms. In addition, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain healthy skin and reduce inflammation. Foods rich in vitamin E can also help improve skin health and reduce itching. To help relieve the itching of your dog, you can consider giving it a nutrient -rich diet, avoiding processed foods and favoring quality proteins, vegetables and fruits. In addition, it is important to keep your dog well hydrated by providing him with clean and fresh water at all times.

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