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Démangeaisons chez le chien : comment éviter les corticoïdes ?

Itching in dogs: how to avoid corticosteroids?

Itching in dogs: how to avoid corticosteroids?

The itching concerns more and more dogs each year, because of our lifestyles and food served by industrialists for so many years. 

If veterinarians have an annoying tendency to prescribe cortisone without asking too much questions, you know like us that it is not a lasting or desirable solution, in the long term, for the health of our hair balls. 

Why does my dog ​​scratch as much?

Itching in dogs can have several causes, but the most common are as follows:

  • food allergy
  • mites allergies
  • flea bite
  • Skin infections
  • autoimmune diseases.


Symptoms of itching are easily identifiable: excessive licking, repetitive scraping, redness, crusts, hair loss and skin irritation. It quickly becomes hellish for the dogs concerned. It is important to monitor your dog and go to the veterinarian to obtain appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Unfortunately, not all treatments are created equal and certain products, such as cortisone acting as a misery cache, without really dealing with the problem.


The problem of corticosteroids

Cortisone is commonly prescribed drug to relieve itching in dogs, but it can have important side effects and long -term risks.

The side effects of cortisone include

  • weight gain
  • The loss of hair
  • increased thirst and appetite
  • A decrease in resistance to infections.

Dogs that take cortisone over long periods can develop liver and kidney problems, as well as an increased risk of developing infections.

In the long term, this can make itchy treatment more difficult and may require additional medical treatment. And a list of expenses that lengthen for the people concerned.



Effiskin, the natural alternative adopted by 1500+ customers

There are natural alternatives to cortisone that can offer effective relief and without side effects to your doggie

Of course, each dog reacts differently and the results may not be as immediate as with cortisone. But over time, natural treatment is always preferable.

We had the opportunity to test the Effiksin lotion composed of 16 plants purifying that gives incredible results on atopic dogs 



Drastically change food

A healthy and balanced diet can help relieve itching in dogs. The idea is to strengthen its immune system and reduce inflammation.

The ingredients to favor to relieve itching in dogs are as follows: 

  • quality proteins
  • Omega-3
  • the green vegetables
  • Fruits rich in antioxidants.

The ingredients to be avoided are

  • cereals in general (present in abundance in large distribution kibbles)
  • the corn
  • wheat
  • soybeans

For example, if your dog suffers from itching, it may be interesting to stop kibbles and go to the household ration, To incorporate foods rich in quality protein, such as chicken or salmon, and adding green vegetables such as spinach or zucchini. Avoid processed foods and commercial kibbles containing cereals at all costs. Consult a nutritionist veterinarian to help you.


Do not neglect the maintenance and hygiene of the coat

The best way to treat itching in dogs is to prevent them by taking care of him adequately. 

  • Regular maintenance of the skin and coat, using very soft shampoos, suitable for the pH of its skin.
  • Regular brushing to remove dead hairs and dirt.
  • You can also try oat baths to calm your irritated skin.

Finally, spend quality time with your dog, hug him and offer him moments of relaxation to help him reduce his stress. If he tends to be very stressed, you can also give him some drops ofOrganic bud extracts To help him relax.

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