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Vegan treats for dogs - 5 simple and quick recipes to make at home

Vegan treats for dogs - 5 simple and quick recipes to make at home

Prepare to impress your dog with homemade treats that will salivate his taste buds! In this article, our best recipes for Vegan treats for dogs. Fast, healthy and delicious, these recipes will allow you to reward your dog while preserving his health (and the planet!)

Yes, even our hairy have owed homemade!


Carrot and oats cookies

These vegan dog cookies are rich in fiber and vitamins thanks to the presence of fresh carrots (in addition it seems that it makes it kind) 

Mix oatmeal, complete wheat flour, carrot puree, unwedded apple compote and water to form a paste.

Then shape cookies and bake them in the oven until they are golden and crisp. Your dog will love the sweet and natural flavor of these cookies while benefiting from the beneficial nutrients of carrots and oats.


Sweet potato treats

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of fibers, vitamins and minerals for dogs. To prepare these treats, cut sweet potatoes into thin slices, brush them slightly with melted coconut oil and grill them in the oven until they are crisp. Dehydrated sweet potato slices are a healthy and tasty alternative to trade on dogs. Your dog will be delighted to nibble on these delicacies rich in flavor and you will be happy to offer him a natural and nutritious option.

Peanut energy balls

These vegan energy balls for dogs are filled with nourishing ingredients such as peanuts, oats and natural peanut butter. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, form small balls and refrigerate them to let them harden. Awards energy balls are a perfect treat for active and energetic dogs. They provide a good dose of vegetable protein and energy for intense moments of play and pleasure.

Coconut cookies

Another delicious option for your dog's vegan treats. By mixing wheat flour, oatmeal, grated coconut and water, you will get a malleable paste. Shape the cookies according to the desired size and cook them until they are slightly golden. The grated coconut adds an exotic flavor and a pleasant texture to these cookies. Be sure to use unsweetened and untreated coconut to guarantee the best quality.

With these homemade vegan treat recipes, you can pamper your dog with healthy delicacies suitable for diet. Carrot and oats cookies, sweet potato treats, peanut energy balls and coconut cookies offer a variety of flavors and textures to delight the palate of your canine companion. Preparing these treats allows you to control the ingredients and offer your dog nutritious snacks. So, put yourself in the stove and please your best four-legged friend with these homemade delights!



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