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Animal hygiene - The Kynos Charter

Animal hygiene - The Kynos Charter


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If you use care products for your pet, it is important to know that Some ingredients can be dangerous for your health and the environment. In this article, we help you avoid the most controversial ingredients and to choose healthier alternatives.



THE parabens and the phenoxyethanol, in particular, are preservatives frequently used in animal care products. They can prove to be irritating, allergenic and potentially carcinogenic. Conservatives are necessary to prevent animal care products from deteriorating and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. However, some of these conservatives are controversial because of the negative effects they can have on dog health.


Silicones are summary components, petroleum derivatives and used for their sensory effect. Although they are a priori without danger to health, their action remains superficial. Indeed, they form an occlusive film on the skin which prevents active people from penetrating. Being very little biodegradable, they pollute the environment.

Mineral oils

Mineral oils, such as paraffin or petroleum jelly, can be used as moisturizers in animal products. However, their occlusive effect can obstruct pores and promote the appearance of skin imperfections. In addition, their carcinogenic potential is a major concern.


Sulfates, especially sodium Laureth Sulfate, are surfactants often used in animal shampoos. They are accused of being irritating to the skin, destroying skin lipids and being harmful to their health.


PEGs are commonly used solvents, emulsifiers or gender -baseds in animal products, but their biodegradability can be worrying for the environment. In addition, they are suspected of being carcinogenic.


Tailor-made diagnosis

Each animal is unique and deserves special attention. Answer a few questions to discover the product best suited to your situation.