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Valerian to calm a stressed dog

Valerian to calm a stressed dog

Does Valérian help calm a stressed dog?

Valerian is a plant from Eurasia. It is considered to be common in Europe. The parts used in phytotherapy are the underground parts (roots, rhizomes and stolons). They are made up of valepotriates, Valérénique acid, but also Valéréal and glutamine which are powerful active ingredients which have a power against stress.

The use of Vallerian allows appease the body, fight against nervousness and to prevent sleep disorders. It is a plant known since Antiquity where it was regularly used.

How do these plants reduce my dog ​​stress?

The active compounds of the root of valerian have interesting properties for the dog. Indeed, this plant has an action sedative And anxiolytic on our small protégés thanks to their synergy. It is considered a natural sleeping pill for the stressed dog which has a disturbed sleep.

How to choose plants for my dog? In what forms?

In general, these natural food supplements are less expensive than veterinary drugs and just as effective. In addition, they have no side effects.

These plant -based food supplements are well widespread. To best treat your companion, it is important to choose the plants present in the supplements as well as their mode of administration.

If your dog is regularly stress ; that he has sleep problems, hyperactivity, of depression. Whether epileptic or just that he is age And that you are looking for natural drugs for him, Valerian is the ingredient you need!

Please note, the choice of supplement will depend on your dog, its state of health and its preferences (to facilitate the taking of the supplement).

The main forms in which we can find this plant:

  • Food supplements :

They are generally in the form of tablets, capsules or sticks and can be mixed with animal food or water.

  • Valérian dyeing:

It is a concentrated extract of the plant that is mixing with the animal's food or its water.

  • Valérian infusion:

To do directly from the root of the plant (infusion). Do not forget to let cool before mixing it with the food of your doggie

What are the prescribed and effective dosages for my dog?

This product is to be given directly in dog food. It can be associated with other plants for a relaxing effect.

It is most often found in the form of a powder with a 1ml dosser spoon, which facilitates its daily intake.

The daily dosage which is recommended depends on the weight of the animal:

  • Small dogs (-10kg) -> 1 ml per day (1 spoon)
  • Dog means (10 to 25kg) 2 to 3 ml per day (2 to 3 spoons)
  • Large dogs (25 to 45kg) 3 to 4 ml per day (3 to 4 spoons)

The ideal is to adapt the dosage as a function of your dog's reaction and response.

Note that taking these supplements does not cause side effects and overdose is almost nonexistent.

It is very important to read the product instructions well before use because the dosage can vary depending on the products used.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask advice close to an animal health professional.

The dosage also varies depending on goal sought and the frequency of prescriptionot 👇

What frequency of administration of supplements for my dog?

Thanks to the absence of side effects, taking regular supplements is authorized.

This can be used for preventive treatment -> Small doses: half of the daily dose at the frequency of 3 days a week. This treatment can be taken throughout the year.

For curative treatment: Stop at the recommended prescriptions and dosage.


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