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L’harpagophytum pour prendre soin des articulations de mon chien

Harpagophytum to take care of my dog's joints

Harpagophytum to take care of my dog's joints

What is harpagophytum?

Harpagophytum, also called Devil's claw is a plant native to desert regions in southern Africa. It owes its name to the shape of its claws near its fruits, which means “vegetable harpoon”.

The part used is the root and have many active compounds there: harpagoside +++, harpagid, procumbin, polysaccharides, phenolic acids and flavonoids. These compounds can calm inflammation and have Analgesic properties

This plant has been known since ancient times for its many Virtues on humans But also on our little 4 -legged companions. It thus allows relieve rheumatic pain, including osteoarthritis. In addition, this fabulous ingredient also plays an important role in low back pain, digestion disorders and loss of appetite.

She recently returned to the front of the stage thanks to studies that have demonstrated her effectiveness.

We tell you everything!👇

How does the harpagophytum reduces my dog's joint pain?

The active ingredients present in the harpagophytum have a real action on pain.

Indeed, Harpagosides present in the plant allow Inhibit an enzyme who is responsible for the production of prostaglandins in the body. This prostaglandin is a molecule that is involved in the pain process so by reducing it, that considerably decreases discomfort.

The inflammation of the joints is attenuated, which Influence on the symptoms of osteoarthritis And relieves the pain and discomfort of your hair ball.

A study studied the effectiveness of the harpagophytum as analgesic in the case of a treatment of chronic pain not being specific. The results revealed that this plant has the same efficiency as a reference drug (Diclofenac), to reduce pain and Improve quality of life of our little patients.

How to choose the harpagophytum for my dog? What forms?

  • If your dog has osteoarthritis; arthritis; joint pain; rheumatism; or tendinitis and you are looking for natural drugs Harpagophytum is interesting
  • In general, natural food supplements are less expensive than veterinary and just as effective drugs. In addition, they do not have side effects
  • These dietary supplements based on devil's claw roots are widespread. To best treat your companion, it is important to choose your Harpagophytum as well as your mode of administration.

Please note, the choice of supplement will depend on your dog, its state of health and its preferences (to facilitate the taking of the Harpagophytum). The main forms in which we can find this plant:

  • In the form of a powder: there are about 300 mg of harpagophytum per capsule or to be taken from a pot with a doseser. It must be given during meals, mix with the ration (risk of gastric disorders otherwise)
  • In liquid form: be careful because very bitter so we advise you to give it directly in your mouth because it will not drink it spontaneously.
  • in the form of compresses: to be applied to your animal's hair

→ Do not give orally to a pregnant or breastfeeding dog!


What harpagophytum dosages for my dog?

The dosage is very important, it must be reflected properly to maximize the effects of the product. It mainly depends on weight of your loulou and can vary according to his response to the treatment.

The recommendations are as follows:

  • Less than 10 kg: 300 mg per day → or 1 doseuse spoon
  • from 10 to 20 kg: 600 mg per day → or 2 dose tables
  • Over 20 kg: 900 mg per day → or 3 dose tables

The ideal is to adapt the dosage as a function of your dog's reaction and response.

Note that taking these supplements does not cause side effects and overdose is almost nonexistent.

It is very important to read the product instructions well before use because the dosage can vary depending on the products used.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask advice close to an animal health professional.

The dosage also varies depending on goal sought and the frequency of prescriptionot 👇


How often to give my dog ​​harpagophytum?

Thanks to the absence of side effects, taking regular supplements is authorized.

Thus the taking of Harpagophytum will have several objectives according to the moments of the catch

  • For preventive treatment:
  • Administer half of the daily dose at the frequency of 3 days a week. This treatment can be taken throughout the year.
  • For curative treatment:

To treat and relieve dog's pains,

→ In case light pain, you can give it half of the daily dose for 6 weeks.

→ In case of strong pain, you can give the recommended daily dose depending on the weight of your dog, 1 time a day for 15 days. Ideally, you can divide the daily dose for several administration throughout the day. For example :

-1 capsule, = 1 half of capsule in the morning and 1 half of capsule in the evening.

-2 capsules per day = 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

-3 capsules, = 1 in the morning, 1 at noon and 1 in the evening.

Obviously, you do according to your possibilities and your time jobs!




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