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Cinq effets secondaires de la cortisone chez le chien (et comment s'en passer)

Five side effects of cortisone in dogs (and how to do without it)

Five side effects of cortisone in dogs (and how to do without it)

Cortisone is a drug frequently used to relieve various health problems in dogs, especially skin problems and itching.

If cortisone is very effective in calming the game at an instant T, it is important to know that it also has a certain number of side effects that can be manifested in the long term.

Here is an overview of the five most common side effects, so that you can decide in all knowledge of the treatment adapted to your loulou.

1. Dry and more fragile skin

Cortisone relieves itching but at the same time weakens and dries up the skin which promotes the appearance of new skin problems as well as the loss of hair.

2. A deregulation of hydration 

Cortisone can cause a Increase in thirst in your dog, a phenomenon known as polydypsia. As a result, your dog can drink much more water than usual and urinate more frequently. In some cases, it can go as far as incontinence ... not really pleasant.

3. Weight gain

Cortisone can increase appetite in dogs, which can cause significant and ultimately weight gain, health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

4. A decrease in immunity

The long -term use of cortisone can weaken the immune system of dogs, making them more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

5. Digestive disorders.

A less known, but just as important side effect of cortisone is its impact on the gastrointestinal system. Cortisone can cause damage to the gastric mucosa, which can cause gastrointestinal ulcers and bleeding. If your dog has symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite or bloody stool, consult a veterinarian immediately.


How to do without cortisone?

No doubt, cortisone relieves. But given the risks set out below, we would be the first to consider softer alternatives And more natural for our loulou.

Let us show you the itchy complex : a synergy of depurative and detoxifying plants assembled within a oral solution, ultra-summary of use. 

1. Bardane: detox

Originally from Europe, this plant is renowned for its detoxifying properties. It supports the functions of elimination and purification of the body and thus promotes the maintenance of healthy skin.

2. thyme: antibacterial

Perennial plant from the Mediterranean basin, thyme is traditionally used for its properties Bactericides and fungicides. Ideal for combating different types of skin conditions. 

3. Dandelion: for elimination

The effects diuretics Dandelion are no longer to be proven. Here they are used to help the body eliminate accumulated toxins and promote healthy skin.




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