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Fin Museau : les friandises Naturelles aux Super-Aliments

End muzzle: natural treats to superfoods

End muzzle: natural treats to superfoods

Is your loulou fed up with industrial and ultra-transformed treats? 

We present to you Pauline! 

After adopting her dog Neu in 2020, Pauline felt the need to give her a healthy diet to keep him fit.

She found her happiness at kibble level, but for treats ... Difficult to find something other than low -quality products. 

The 28-year-old young woman then developed three house recipes of healthy treats, based on vegetables, fruit and superfoods.

Seeing that Néou loved it, Pauline decided to create the end of the muzzle to bring healthy treats to all the loulous which positively impact their health! 



Homemade in the moors

Pauline started by creating her recipes at home, fitted with her oven and a simple cookie cutter. 

A hard time ! You will say. 

But it was only the start of the adventure. 

We discovered the late Museau on Ulule, the famous French crowdfunding platform.

Today, thanks to the success of her treats and the support of her customers, Pauline was able to invest in a professional oven and launch new references

Its production is growing to the delight of our hair balls!



Spirulin, hemp and Moringa: healthy treats for guaranteed health benefits!

Beauty of the hair, articulations, immunity ... spirulina, moringa and hemp are well-known superfoods, whose health benefits are no longer to be proven. 

Thanks to Complete and cheating recipes, fine muzzle treats allow you to healthily reward the good behavior of your loulou. 

Analyze the composition by yourself 👇


Carrots, apples & sweet potatoes: dehydrated fruits and vegetables for a healthy snack

Perfect for a healthy and tasty snack between meals, dehydrated fruits and vegetables finely integrate with all diets (barf, household ration or kibble)

Ideal compos for all allergic doggies Who are deprived of industrial treats, at the end of the muzzle, the list of ingredients could not be shorter. Judge by yourself : 

  • 100% sweet potato
    No additives, no coloring or artificial or conservative aroma.

Guarantees without any additives These treats offer a real nutritional contribution to your doggie with some healthy ingredientsof qualities and the least processed that will allow keep it healthy and of Complete your diet as well as possible

So rather apples, carrots or sweet potatoes?

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