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Quelle eau florale pour mon chien ? Guide Complet 2023

What floral water for my dog? Full guide 2023

What floral water for my dog? Full guide 2023

If there is an essential product when you want to take your natural dog, it is the floral waters!

Cheap, efficient, 100% natural, the benefits of floral waters are no longer to be proven. But which one to choose? 

In this article, we will immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of plants and floral waters to discover how they can help improve the quality of life of our canine friends.


Understand floral waters

Also known as aromatic water or hydrosol, floral water is an aqueous solution from the distillation of essential oils.

Each type of floral water has specific properties and odor, although generally, they are all soothing.


How are floral waters made?

Floral water is obtained by distillation of flowers, and sometimes other parts of plants. During the distillation process, water vapor crosses the plant, transporting essential oil with it. When this vapor reappears, floral water is obtained on which the essential oil floats, which is lighter. Floral water is softer than pure essential oil, which makes it ideal for delicate uses.


Where to buy quality floral water for my dog? 

Please note, floral waters sold in supermarkets, often simply flavored, do not contain any plant extract.

Rather in pharmacy, organic stores, or other others Online herbalism. Tinted bottles are preferable for better conservation.


Which floral water to choose for my dog?

Flower water Properties 
Blueberry Soothing and softening, it is ideal for cleaning and soothing delicate areas, such as eyes or ears. Also suitable for sensitive skin.
Lavender Calming and repulsive against certain parasites, it can help to appease anxiety dogs and protect them from insects.
Pink Moisturizing and soothing, it is ideal for dry and irritated skin. It also helps to neutralize odors.
Chamomile Anti-inflammatory and soothing, it is recommended for irritated skin, redness and can help calm an anxious dog.
Orange Blossom Soothing and slightly invigorating, it can help calm nervous dogs and gives a pleasant scent to the coat.


The use of floral waters on dogs is not yet widely studied, but knowing that they can be used on newborns, we can assume without taking any risks that they will also be beneficial for our companions at four paws. That said, prudence is a mother of security, and it is always recommended to consult a veterinarian in the event of persistent troubles.

Floral waters can be used in two ways:

  1. In oral administration : To soothe a stressed animal or to prepare it for a difficult situation, you can give your dog a teaspoon of floral water to drink. Sometimes soaking a fabric and leaving it in its environment is enough.

  2. In application on the skin : To soothe irritated skin, treat insect bites, or prevent blackheads, use pure floral water on stamped cotton. You can also mix it with other ingredients in a spray.

Here are some recommended floral waters for our canine friends

  • Blueberry floral water 

Known for its decongestant properties, it is used in external application to soothe ocular and skin inflammation. If your dog has Eyes irritated or reddened, Blueberry water can help appease them. It is very soft and also useful for cleaning all sensitive areas (muzzle ears, genitals, etc.). Bring a compress for optimal application. 


  • Lavender floral water

It is particularly useful for dogs with a oily skin and fatty coat. By attenuating blackheads and purifying the skin. It can help clean and heal small cuts. In aromatherapy, water lavender floral is also known for its Relaxing and soothing properties.

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    • Chamomile floral water

    Excellent for dry, sensitive or irritated skin, it can also help relax and relax your dog, promoting peaceful sleep. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, chamomile water can help relieve redness and inflammation of your dog's skin.

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    • Orange tree Flower water

    This floral water is a slight relaxing of the nervous system. It is also beneficial for dry, weakened and sensitive skin.

    • Rose floral water 

    It is used to calm light burns and insect bites.


    Floral water can be a real boon for your dog, but do not forget that any change in your pet care must be made with caution and, ideally, under the supervision of a veterinarian.

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