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My dog ​​has a bad breath what to do?

My dog ​​has a bad breath what to do?

Bad breath in dogs can be a common and unpleasant problem for owners. Halitosis canine can result from various causes, including health problems underlying, a bad oral hygiene or a unsuitable food. Fortunately, there are natural plant solutions that can help refresh your dog's breath and improve their oral health.


Ascophyllum nodosum: the anti-mauanian breathalyzer

ASCophyllum nodosum, a seaweed, is renowned for its properties antibacterial. It contains essential nutrients such as trace elements, minerals and vitamins, which promote better oral health. More importantly, this algae is known for its ability to reduce the formation of tartar On your dog's teeth. Tartar is often associated with bad breath, and including ascophyllum nodosum in your dog's diet, you can help keep your breath fresh.

Propolis: the natural antibacterial shield

Propolis is a natural substance collected by bees from vegetable resins. It is famous for its properties antibacterial And purifying. When used in dog dental care, propolis can help eliminate bacteria responsible for bad breath. It can be applied as a dental dough or propolis extract, or even added to your dog's drinking water for a continuous action.

Angelique and Artichoke: Refoin detoxification

A healthy liver is essential to fight against bad breath in dogs. Angelica and artichoke are two plants that have properties detoxifying and that promote liver health. A healthy liver allows better digestion of fats and contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body, which can reduce the unpleasant smell of your dog's breath.

Fennel: the natural fighter of bad breath

Fennel is a grass that not only adds a pleasant flavor to your dog's diet, but which also has properties antimicrobials. Fennel essential oils fight bacteria responsible for bad breath, and its pleasant aroma can refresh the breath of your four -legged companion. You can give raw or cooked fennel to your dog, or use fennel -based products specially designed to improve their oral health.


The 100% natural anti-tarte complex for dogs-good breath (Kynos-Naturel) is a very good alternative. It allows:

  • Sanried the oral cavity
  • Prevents the deposit of dental plaque
  • Prevents pie training
  • Neutralizes fetid smells

This product is made up of many plants with important effects on the oral health of your loulou!


Important advice : Before starting any plant-based treatment to combat your dog's bad breath, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian to exclude underlying health problems.

By incorporating these plants into your dog's diet and taking measures to improve their oral hygiene, you can help fight bad breath and maintain its dental health. Remember that regular visits to the veterinarian for dental checks are also important to maintain the overall health of your pet.


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